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Portable ALZip V.

Do you require a single ALZip archive on your computer hard drive that is ready to extract ALZip archives from? Portable ALZip is a perfect application that could run on your computer, which could expand and extract ALZip files from the archive. The Portable ALZip allows you to operate the application from any location that you want. The ALZip archive creation program could create the ALZip archive that will work on any Windows-based OS. This is very convenient for the users who have a computer with an active Windows-based OS. In addition, the ALZip archive could be created on your PC, then it could be sent to anyone you want. The Portable ALZip allows you to create an ALZip archive file with the sizes up to 200 megabytes. The program supports the ALZip archive version v.1.0, v.1.1, v.1.3, v.2.0, v.2.3, v.2.5, v.2.7, v.2.8, v.3.0, v.4.0, v.4.1, v.4.3, v.4.5, v.5.0, v.5.1, v.6.0, v.6.1, v.6.2, v.7.0, v.7.1, v.7.2, v.8.0, v.8.1, v.8.2, v.8.3, v.8.4, v.8.5, v.9.0, v.9.1, v.9.3, v.9.4, v.9.5, v.9.6, v.10.0, v.10.1, v.10.2, v.10.3, v.10.4, v.10.5, v.10.6, v.10.7, v.10.8, v.10.9, v.10.10, v.10.11, v.10.12, v.10.13, v.10.14, v.10.15, v.10.16, v.10.17, v.10.18, v.10.19, v.10.20, v.10.21, v.10.22, v.10.23, v.10.24

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